My Perfect Lehenga Quest


Every Lehenga has a story behind it and I too have my own tale to tell.It was 2 years ago when my brother in law decided to get married, my hunt for a perfect outfit began. I had lot of options in my mind like a gown, a draped sari, lehenga sari, anarkali, but after a lot of brain storming decide to settle for a lehnega.


A lehenga was my final choice because its comfortable, easy to carry and traditional at the same time. The first part of the search began online to check out the latest trends but sadly what you find browsing the net is mostly not what you actually get in stores.I decided not to be influenced by online designs and make up my mind about the kind of lehenga I wanted only after visiting the stores.

As Chandni Chowk is considered as Mecca for ethnic shopping in New Delhi, I too wanted to have a check on what it had in stores for me. After talking to some of my designer friends I got to know that the shops in Chandni Chowk mostly have sample pieces and fabricate the outfit only after you place an order. So it takes time to deliver the actual piece and if its one of the wedding season in India the wait can be even many months long. Since i didn’t not have much time to spare I decided to look for a Lehenga in the affordable ethic stores of New Delhi, skipping on very big designer names. I did not want to spend fortunes on the Lehenga rather spend the equivalent amount on my over all look including good , footwear and accessaries. I always believe in budget fashion which is appealing and does not rip you of your hard earn money.


The first store i visited was Shakuntalam in Ambience Mall Gurgaon showcasing budding designers collection at affordable price ranges. I am a person who settles down for something after a lot of trial and comparison rest assuring what I pick up is value for money. This piece was an instant connect, I fell for this one the moment i saw it and even imagined my whole D- day look.


Yes! I had found my perfect lehenga, It was a blend of modern silhouettes and traditional red color. Though the color was red, it did not give a bridal lehenga feel or appearance. A full embroidered high-low jacket with red, blue, dull gold embroidery and silver crystals all over, with a plain not too over the top red skirt with satin lining and sleek silver border. The icing on the cake was the designer pre draped blue dupatta with a neck embellishment that was almost like a neckpiece and saved me the hassle and money to wear one.


Moreover while trying it on I realized this was not a one time wear, rather it could be paired up with other pieces to create different looks. I have already created 3 different  looks using the same skirt and even the top can be paired with red or blue silk pants.


The added advantage i got was a 25% silver jubilee discount going on the store. I flaunted my perfect lehenga at the wedding without spending a bomb and wore it at two more occasions later without being repetitive. This was my own story about the quest for my ” Perfect Lehenga “.