My Moroccan Hammam adventure……

Morocco is my second home since i got married 2 years back,as my husband is based in Mohammedia a town on the way between Casablanca and Rabat.Morocco is a lovely country with warm people who just adore Indians or “Hindustani” as they prefer .I always enjoy the almost star like treatment I get ,thanks to Shahrukh khan and Bollywood;this part of the world welcomes Indians with open arms

               I had always heard about the mandatory weekly regime of going to the “Hammam” among the locals but being a foreigner with language constraints always prevented me from soaking into the hammam experience as Arabic and French are the spoken languages and English-speaking locals are sparse.

My fantasy of going to the Hammam was curbed for a while until a comrade offered me to join her for a trip to the hammam at weekend.It was an immediate yes ,as it was a longing since i knew about one.The hammams are gender specific ,separate for men and women.They can be categorized as traditional public bath where you shower and clean with many other people or the modern version which is like a spa with privacy.Its advisable to book your sessions at spa as it gets busy at weekends.I was excited for my little adventure trip to the hammam.yes!! it was no less than adventure trip for me.

My friend helped me with the errand of organizing things required for a visit to the hammam. At a hammam you are supposed to carry your shower products,shampoo,after shampoo,face wash,towels ,flip-flops and fresh set of clothes to change and you are good to go.She also helped me with some  hammam etiquettes.A 15 minute of car ride and we were at the hammam spa.The pre booking of session helped us from waiting and in split of seconds we undressed and were in the hammam room.As it was my first visit I was a little hesitant in changing in vicinity of a friend but she made me feel very comfortable and soon I began to enjoy the experience.

A hammam is a large room with sauna ,steam , supplies of hot and cold water ;though I had carried my shower products the special scrubbing glove needed for exfoliation was missing from my hammam products list but my friend was sweet enough to let me use her exfoliation glove , significant of the warmth Moroccans imbibe in them.The ritual is divided in two parts sauvonage+gommage, means soaping+scrubbing.

To get started we applied the black soap lathered up and rinsed.Then we were taken up by the hammam attendant for the scrubbing and I was in a stupor to see the amount of dead skin peel off my body.The hammam attendant even lampooned by saying the dead skin peel was like spaghetti.After the vigorous scrubbing my skin felt smooth, supple,shiny and flawless.I fathomed a new, very clean me.Meanwhile I relaxed in the hot sauna and steam she completed the same liturgy with my friend.

The scrubbing session was followed by a rose-water body rinse,it smelled ethereal and was very soothing.The final step was a rosewater and mud pack.It was a truly pampering and indulgent experience The hammam attendant was very comradely and hospitable,took great care of me.All this was followed by a head and body bath , I was spoiled completely .I had never felt so relaxed and clean,my skin was gleaming .

P.S- Now I know the little secret to glowing skin of Moroccan women.

The Hammam tends to get very hot so we were given cold mineral water bottles a much-needed thirst quencher..We dried and moisturized our body, I changed into a knee-length dress  thinking to flaunt my flawless skin when I was apprised by my friend that it was an etiquette to change into fresh set of pajamas and cover the wet hair with a scarf after hammam, to mention here she was carrying an extra scarf which i used to cover my wet hair.We payed and tipped our hammam attendant , as it ensures quality and personalized service at the next visit and it would have been unfair to the one who left me feeling very clean and beautiful.The day at hammam made me beautiful and flawless.While in Morocco a trip to the hammam is a must ,highly recommended secret to relaxation and pampering.

All images are sourced from the Internet since could not photograph myself in the hammam .













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